More Great Salsa Sites

It’s hard to find great salsa websites among all the noise that fills the Internet, but luckily we’ve found a few cool sites we’d like to recommend!

The first is the Salsa Dancing Sub-Reddit. If you don’t know what a sub-reddit is, don’t worry. Reddit is a super popular social bookmark sharing site out there, and a sub-reddit is just a category on the site. That means the salsa-subreddit is filled with other people just like you who enjoy dancing salsa and Latin music. Cool stuff!

Another site to check out is the SJSU Salsa Club. The salsa club is a student org at SJSU that offers free salsa lessons to students and members of the San Jose community. If you love to dance, you’ll want to check it out!

Finally, be sure to check out Spartan Mambo. Spartan Mambo is another great club at SJSU, but instead of teaching lessons, they do performances at various events around the Bay Area. How cool is that?

Anyway, that’s all for now. Talk to you later, and keeping salsa’ing!

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Salsa events in the Bay Area of California
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