Salsa Bands Added To Salsa By The Bay

At long last we are implementing an often-requested feature, and adding salsa bands to Salsa By The Bay! The SF Bay Area is fortunate to have dozens of local salsa, timba, and Latin Jazz bands that share their amazing music with us for our listening and dancing pleasure, and we are happy to finally start featuring them on our site!

In many ways, the San Francisco Bay Area is one of the top places int he country and even the world for salsa music, and few cities can boast as many active Latin musicians as the Bay Area. Local favorite Pacific Mambo Orchestra even won a Grammy Award this year, beating out big names such as Marc Anthony!

Anyway, without further ado, here are the bands we have listed on our site so far:

Avance – A young group of musicians & singers based out of SF
Julio Bravo y Su Orquesta Salsabor – One of the big names in the Bay Area salsa scene
Mazacote – A top salsa band that has played alongside salsa music legends
Montuno Swing – A local favorite with a fast paced, energetic sound
Orquesta Borinquen – Bringing Puerto Rican sounds & rhythms to the Bay Area
Salsón – A Latin Jazz group from the Monterey Bay Area

Anyway, those are just the bands we have added for now! We have at least a dozen more on our list, so be sure to bookmark our bands page and stay tuned for more salsa band profiles coming soon!


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