Fun With Squidoo

I recently signed up for Squidoo, which is a cool little site where you can post mini-articles called “lenses” and share them with the active community of “squidooers”. I’m still getting a feel for the site, but I’ve written a couple of lenses about, what else, salsa dancing!

Check out some of the cool lenses I’ve been working on:

The Benefits of Salsa Dancing

An article about some of the benefits of dancing salsa, such as health, social circle, and confidence builting.

Top Salsa Websites

A round-up of some of my favorite salsa sites from around the web.

The Best Places To Go Salsa Dancing In San Jose

The best places to go dancing salsa in the capital of Silicon Valley.

Salsa By The Bay

A profile of one of my favorite websites on the web, Salsa By The Bay 😉

Those are just a few of the lenses I plan on working on, stay tuned for more cool stuff that’s coming up!

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Some New Projects

A new year, new projects!

This week we’ve been working to put together a new tumblr blog about salsa dancing, and we’re calling it Salsa Gifs. Like the name suggests, the site is all about animated gifs with funny quotes about salsa dancing. Check it out!

I’ve also recently signed up to be a write at Technorati. You can check out my first article, Why Salsa Dancing Should Be On Your New Years Resolutions. Look for more articles coming soon!

I also just started playing around with Squidoo. Look for some exciting stuff coming here soon!

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New Salsa Event in San Jose: Hot Salsa Saturday

Have you heard about Hot Salsa Saturday (HSS) yet? It’s a new salsa event being started by longtime salsa professionals Michelle Castro & Isidro Corona. The event will be held ever 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month at Dance Boulevard in San Jose.

Interested? Here’s where you can find more info:

Hot Salsa Saturday on AllVoices – Read about Hot Salsa Saturday on the citizen journalism site, AllVoices.

Hot Salsa Saturday on Examiner – A sneak peak at the upcoming event from the San Jose Salsa Dancing Examiner

Hot Salsa Friday details – All the details about HSS via the Contra Costa Times, including dates, times, cost etc.

The first HSS is sure to be a huge event drawing dancers from all over the Bay Area, is not to be missed! See you there!

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Salsa By The Bay on Tumblr & Pinterest

We’re finally expanding our reach on social media! You can now find us on Pinterest and Tumblr along with Facebook, Twitter, and our other sites. Follow us and keep up with the latest news related to salsa dancing in the Bay Area!

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Salsa Map

We are now featured on Salsa Map! Check it out!

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Some Cool Dancing Sites

I’ve been browsing a lot of dancing related sites lately, and here are of my new favorites:

Salsa Extreme – This is a pretty cool site about a salsa dancing company in New York, with a pretty up-to-date blog of the team’s adventures, interviews, and just thoughts on salsa dancing in general.

Pablo y Diana – This is a site about a professional salsa dancing couple, and features some pretty nifty web design and photos.

Southern Ballet Theatre – This site isn’t related to salsa dancing, but is pretty cool. Southern Ballet Theatre is a general dance site that talks about the history of ballet dancing as well as dancing in general. Pretty cool to read up on some of the history of this stuff.

Northwest Congress – The last link is for the Northwest Congress, a salsa dancing Congress for those in North Western North America. Pretty cool stuff, and just one of the many sites out there for salsa congresses.

Anyway, those are just some of the the nifty sites I’ve come across lately. Feel free to post in the comments if you know of any other good sites.

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Article on the Examiner

Check out this handy article I wrote for the Examiner:

7 Reasons Why You Need To Start Salsa Dancing Today!

Pretty nifty, eh? If you’re reading this, you probably don’t need convincing, but it’s a handy article with some reasons why people should start salsa dancing.

While we’re on the topic of salsa dancing, here’s another article to check out:

That’s our profile on, a cool site about other websites. Stop by, and leave a review if you like it!

That’s all for now! Toodles!

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